2020 Duty Roster

MonthGroom ArenasDay Duty
JULYCathy JonesPam Campbell
AUGUSTJill GraydenSally Woodward
SEPTEMBERRobyn MorganNicole Patterson
OCTOBERRachel DawsonKate Bindley Jones
NOVEMBERMatt CurtainSally Curtain
DECEMBERFelicity KallstromDeb Morris
JANUARY 2021Alyn SpencerAmanda Price

If for any reason you are unable to help out on your allocated rally day then please arrange a ‘swap’ with someone else (and let Rose know please).

Each month members will be allocated for ‘duty’ in pairs:

  • one person grooming arenas before and after the day
  • one person doing the setup for the day

For any poles/jumps sessions, all riders participating are required to help setup and packup.


  1. The Jo Oxenbould ménage (60 x 20 rubber/sand surface) should be raked & groomed both prior to / and after the rally…this entails raking the rubber back from the baseboard (rake provided) and then whole arena graded. Ideally this should be done by at least 1 hour prior to the first lesson of the day, or if not convenient then the day prior to the rally or contact Jill to discuss other measures. For members who live off the Island this may be problematic so we can organise a ‘work around’ if necessary.   The ‘after’ grooming can be done at any time /day after the rally. The main thing is the regular maintenance of the surface.
  2. The Sand arena, (75 x 35) should also be groomed. This can be done just once, at any time either before or after the rally. This does not have to be done all at the same time but what we are looking for is regular maintenance of both arenas.

Day Duty

Make sure you know where the key to arenas is located and how to remove from the key safe! And make arrangements prior to rally to collect shed key from Jill

Cleaning  Please clean and sweep the toilets, replenish toilet paper as necessary. Empty bin. Sweep out open section of shed and wipe down bench tops. At the end of the day, tidy up shed area, check toilets and place any rubbish in the bin at the front gate.

Refreshments: Before rally starts – Set up the kettle, coffee/tea etc for members .. bring milk & biccies/cake for same.

In general, attendees will bring something to share for lunch and this should cover lunch for the instructor/s as well. Ensure that the instructors have water, tea/coffee, and any assistance or setting up to do.